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About PTE

About Polish Economic Society

Mission and main objectives

The Polish Economic Society (PTE) is an independent national association of economists. It was founded in 1945 and continues the traditions of the Warsaw Association of Economists and Statisticians and the Economic Societies operating before World War II in Kraków, Poznań and Lwów. The Society currently accepts ordinary members and supporting members (companies, financial institutions, banks). It consists of 21 autonomous regional Branches, whose activities are coordinated by the National Board. The Polish Economic Society is a member of the International Economic Association and maintains extensive international contacts. The primary objective of the Society is to contribute through its activities to the development of economic thought and culture in Polish society.

This is manifested in the following statutory objectives:

  • To disseminate economic thought and to support the creation of favourable conditions for the development of economic sciences and the presentation of their achievements.
  • To promote economic knowledge and foster economic culture in society.
  • To improve the qualifications of economists in their various fields of professional specialisation.
  • To initiate and support activities aimed at social, economic and regional development of the country in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • To strive for the integration of economists representing academic science as well as business.

How are these objectives pursued?

The objectives of the Polish Economic Society are realised primarily through:

  • scientific conferences (national and international), symposia, congresses (the 1st National Congress of Economists and Lawyers was organised in 1887 in Kraków, and the 11th Congress of Polish Economists will be held in 2025 in Warsaw);
  • research projects (under the auspices of the PTE Scientific Council), including reviews and evaluations of the country's economic situation and -special annual reports devoted to selected problems of Poland's economic development;
  • training programmes (seminars, courses, trainings and lectures);
  • consulting, advisory and information activities related to socio-economic issues;
  • publishing activities, including the publication of scientific journals, bulletins and theoretical and professional publications;
  • organisation of the annual National Economic Knowledge Olympiad for secondary school students (in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education).

The activities of the Polish Economic Society focus both on current issues of the Polish economy and its prospects, and on current theoretical issues of economics and socio-economic policy.

Polish Economists All Over the World


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the initiative of Prof. Marian Gorynia, President of the Polish Economic Society (PTE), an attempt was made to revive and expand cooperation with economists of Polish nationality permanently living abroad. We firmly believe that the revival of this kind of cooperation could bring many synergistic effects and mutual benefits - above all intellectual, but not only. This is evidenced by the results of occasional collaborations to date. Examples include the scientific conferences organised on the birth anniversaries of Professors Michał Kalecki (in 1999) and Oskar Lange (in 2004). Among such meetings, seminars and lectures with the participation of Professor Kazimierz Łaski should also be highly appreciated. There is also a rich tradition of cooperation with Polish economists working in Germany, the UK, France, the USA, Canada and many other countries. Characteristic of the cooperation and mutual benefit is the renewed contact with the doyen of Polish economists, one of the founders of the Polish Economic Society, who has lived in the USA for many years - Professor Marcin Wyczałkowski, who has visited the PTE on many occasions. His book ‘The Life of a Controversial Man’ was published and distributed by the PTE Publishing House.

We find it essential to revive existing and establish new contacts with economists of Polish origin. We therefore appeal to Polish economists living abroad to get in touch with the Polish Economic Society. We would be grateful if you would send us biographical information with an attached authorization to print it on our website. Such information should include, inter alia, a CV with scientific and teaching achievements and achievements in business and the like. We also address our appeal to Polish diplomatic missions and foreign scientific and teaching institutions with the hope of cooperation.

We encourage you to get involved with our Society and ask you to forward your correspondence to:

National Management Board
The Polish Economic Society
ul. Nowy Świat 49
00-042 Warszawa, Polska

e-mail: zk@pte.pl

Make a donation

The Polish Economic Society obtained the status of a public benefit organisation in 2004. If you would like to contribute to our support, below is the bank account number where you can make a donation: Polish Economic Society
Nowy Świat 49 Street
00-042 Warsaw

Bank account number: 38116022020000000060847735
Please write in the title of the transfer: "Donation to PTE".

We would like to thank you in advance for all your donations, which will go towards our statutory activities.