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Gomułka Stanisław

czwartek, 30 czerwca 2022

STANISLAW GOMULKA, retired in 2005 from the London School of Economics, Department of Economics

Born (10 September 1940) and educated in Poland (M.Sc in physics and PhD in economics, both from Warsaw University), he was a member of the Economics Department at the London School of Economics since 1970 until 2005. During this period he also held senior professorial and research fellowship appointments at a number of academic institutions, including Columbia, Harvard, Pennsylvania and Stanford University in the USA and the Netherland Institute for Advanced Studies and the Central European University in Hungary. Most of his research and teaching has been in the areas of economic growth, macroeconomics and comparative economic systems. His book publications include: Inventive Activity, Diffusion and the Stages of Economic Growth (1971), Growth, Innovation and Reform in Eastern Europe (1986), and The Theory of Technological Change and Economic Growth (1990), and as co-author and co-editor, Polish Paradoxes (1990) and Emerging from Communism: Lessons from Russia, China and Eastern Europe (1998).

In the 1980s, Stanislaw Gomulka was a consultant to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the OECD and the European Commission. In1989 he became adviser to the Polish Government, and a member of the team which designed Poland’s reform plans and policies during the crucial phase of transformation.In 1989- 1995 and 1998-2002 he served as a senior adviser to Poland’s subsequent Finance Ministers, and during 1995-98 he was senior adviser to the Governor of the National Bank of Poland. In the years 1989-95, he was also Poland’s official negotiator with the IMF on all macroeconomic programmes and, in the years 1990-1992, with the Paris and London Clubs on Poland’s debt reduction. In late 1991 he was also advising Yegor Gajdar and his team on reforms for Russia.

From July 2002 until January 2007 Stanislaw Gomulka was the Chief Economist of the PZU Group in Poland, the larget insurance company in Central Europe.

Stanislaw Gomulka has an entry in Who’s Who in Economics (2nd edition, 1986 and 3rd edition 1999), biographical dictionary of the worlds’s major (most frequently cited) economists.